What support do coaches need to break new ground?

This blog was originally published on 16 June 2018 at Erickson International

Starting your own business is daunting, and as an entrepreneur the mindset is that you do it alone. Coaching businesses are usually sole proprietorships and the “sole” idea makes entrepreneurs think “I do it alone”.

I started my own business in my 30’s, and just built my own coaching business this year while completing my Erickson coach training. In the 15 years between my two businesses, I also ran teams that built new product innovations.

My personal “Aha!” moment during this time, was that you need the support of a team to get you there, even when you think you are working alone.

Some key resources that can help you break new ground are:

  • Copywriter: This is someone who can put into words what you are thinking in your mind and feeling in your heart. Copywriters are trained to translate a message in a language your customer understands.

  • Logo and Web Designer: There are a lot of free services on the web, and you can every try your hand at designing your own website. However, for many coaches, the logo and website is the identity and presence of a coaching business, so it becomes a key investment, just like the time you invest in training to become a coach.

  • Photographer: If you are investing in a website, you will need a headshot, so your customers get to know you online. You will also need images for the website and any marketing campaigns you will do in the future.

  • Accountant and Lawyer: This is usually the one resource you are ready to outsource, unless you are already a lawyer or accountant yourself. The accountant can guide you on financial matters and help to manage your finances as your business grows. Your lawyer will review your documentation and can also guide you in the event that you want to copyright your business later on.

  • Marketing Strategist: You can build the most beautiful website and messaging, but if this never reaches your customer, it is all for naught. A marketing strategist helps you to plan the best way to get your message to the right target customer.

  • Business Coach: As a coach, you can surely coach yourself to build your business. The question is, whether you will get it done within the time you originally planned. A Business Coach helps you to focus your efforts, clarify your messaging and goals and then helps you unlock your internal energy to keep you on track.

Consider these resources as part of your start-up investment cost and people who will help you get to your finish line on time. You can also try to find these resources thru friends and family – and see if you can get a discount on their services that way.

I found, however, that as an entrepreneur it was a question of where I wanted to devote my time. I preferred to focus on honing my coaching skills while relying on others with the skill, focus and talent to help me build my business.

Entrepreneurs are dreamers and Coaches even more! To ensure you are able to build your business and break new ground within your desired timeline, work smart and bring in the right talent to help you!!!

Meeja Jalandoni

Meeja Jalandoni loves supporting people to succeed in business and in life. She is an Executive, Business and Life Coach at Coaching + Innovation.

She offers a 6 or 10-step Coaching Journey Program that combines her knowledge from her training at Stanford University’s Center for Professional Development course on Innovation and Entrepreneurship as well as Erickson International’s: Art and Science of Coaching to help entrepreneurs stay balanced while embarking on the exciting journey to build their dream businesses.

For more information, visit www.coaching-innovation.ca or connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram

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