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“Your gifts lie in the place where your values, passions and strengths meet. Discovering that place is the first step towards sculpting your masterpiece, Your Life.”

– Michelangelo

COACHING is partnering in a thought-provoking and creative process to inspire individuals to maximize their professional and personal potential.

– International Coach Federation (ICF)

INNOVATION is the successful creation and delivery of a new or improved product or service… it turns an idea into value for the customer and results in sustainable profit for the enterprise.

– Curtis Carlson & William Wilmot, “Innovation: The Five Disciplines for Creating What Customers Want”

COACHING+INNOVATION helps you discover the untapped value in your personal and professional life. Visualize and realize your positive future
to live the dream you’ve always imagined.

Make your life your living masterpiece!

“In this time of hectic schedules and conflicting priorities, coaching provided me with much needed clarity, a renewed sense of purpose, and an actionable plan for a better work-life balance.

Meeja is a thoughtful listener, sincere in her commitment to helping you identify your true passions and improving your self knowledge”

Project Manager II, SRI International
Menlo Park, USA

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